In the dispute over the climate package of the Grand Coalition, SPD Bundestag faction leader Rolf Mützenich has accused the Greens of acting neoliberally and making politics primarily a financially privileged electorate. The vast majority of the Greens want to lead the way to climate-neutral action with a higher price, said Mützenich the Tagesspiegel.

"We Social Democrats are of the opinion that the state first has to create certain framework conditions, especially for low-income earners, so that society can redirect." Let's put it this way: The Greens are acting neoliberally, "Mützenich continued. This probably has to do with the fact that the voters of the Greens on average had a high income. "We Social Democrats want structural changes, but we want to implement them so that we take everyone, and not just certain, mostly financially privileged groups."

Mützenich leads the SPD faction since the resignation of party leader Andrea Nahles in June - initially provisional, since the end of September and officially.

The governing parties CDU, CSU and SPD have put forward a climate protection package that does not go far enough for the Greens. Thus, the Greens board proposes in a party motion for the pricing of carbon dioxide emissions from power and heating a starting price of 40 € - the coalition has earmarked only 10 €.

In their application, the Greens demanded that the CO2 price continue to increase - in small increments, this is also provided for in the government's climate package: "With the revenue, we lower the electricity tax to the minimum permitted under European law and provide energy compensation as a social compensation all one, "it said. First of all, every citizen should receive 100 euros.