by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 06 October 2019A summit of the three center-right leaders Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni took place in Milan. Numerous topics on the table including the agreements for the Regionals.

At the end, in a joint statement they said: "The center-right moves forward towards the next political and electoral appointments with unitary spirit". The center-right is already at work to win the next political elections: "It is obvious that this Giallorossi executive cannot last long: he is divided, too unbalanced on the left and unable to achieve any result. We will oppose his wrong recipes thanks also to a greater coordination of the oppositions in Parliament ", say Berlusconi, Salvini and Meloni:" We are therefore already working to win the next political elections: we will do it by convincing as many people as possible, offering a safe haven to those who have not voted or who is disappointed by the vote expressed a year and a half ago ".

Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d'Italia - it is specified - have also signed an agreement for all the Regions that will go to the vote in the next months: "We have begun the work to reach a contextual agreement on all the Regions that will go to the vote in the next months and we hope to bring good center-right governance even where today they do not know it ".

The final agreement does not yet exist, but based on the reasoning made today the League should have the presidential candidate in Emilia Romagna, with Bergonzoni, and in Tuscany; Fi would touch Campania and Calabria, while Fdi asks Puglia and Marche. The center-right will then support the nomination of Giovanni Toti in Liguria.

"The center-right - we read - is the political project in which we recognize the majority of Italians, the one that profitably governs the main Italian regions and thousands of municipalities. It is the only coalition with a common programmatic base that has shared ideals" .

The three leaders then affirm: "We propose to free the Italians from this majority that exists only in the Palace, which has already proved unfit to govern the complexities of our country and proceeds by brawls and clashes, promising new taxes and less security." Furthermore, Lega, Fi and Fdi will vote yes to the parliamentary cuts.

Matteo Salvini then assured, host of the broadcast 'Non รจ l'Arena', that the League and the center-right will vote for the parliamentary cut: "We voted three times for the members of parliament, and we will also vote for the fourth. we will have a common position "adding" Unless there is the exchange of Pd-M5s cows ".