The National Election Commission (NEC) announced yesterday the preliminary names of the winners of the elections of the Federal National Council (FNC) in its fourth session, after the conclusion of the stages of voting outside the country in its embassies and diplomatic missions, early voting and the Presidential Election Day.

The announcement of the results comes after votes outside the country, early polls and the main election day, where the total number of votes nationwide reached 117 thousand and 592 votes, or 34.81% of the number of members of the electoral bodies.

The National Election Commission confirmed that the results issued yesterday are preliminary results. As of today, appeals for the results of the counting will be opened for two days. The final results will be announced on October 13, according to the timetable for the elections of the Federal National Council.

Number of Voters

The number of voters in each emirate was as follows: Abu Dhabi: 35,790 votes, Dubai: 12,891 votes, Sharjah 22,451 votes, Ajman 4393 votes, Umm Al Quwain 3778 votes, Ras Al Khaimah - 22,172 votes, and the Emirate of Fujairah: 16,117 votes.

5 polling stations

The following five electoral centers: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), Ras Al Khaimah Expo Center, Al Ain Convention Center - Al Khabaisi, Fujairah Exhibition Center and Sharjah Chess and Culture Club saw the highest turnout during the electoral process.

Winners of the Federal National Council

- Abu Dhabi:

Suhail Nakhira Al Afari.

Khalfan Rashed Al Shamsi.

Naima Abdulrahman Al Mansouri.

Moza Mohammed Muslim Ameri.

- Dubai:

Hamad Ahmed Al-Rahoumi.

Osama Ahmed Abdullah Alshafar.

Maryam Majid Khalfan bin Thaniah.

Sarah Mohammed Amin Falaknaz.

- Sharjah:

Hamid Ali Al Shamsi.

Adnan Hamad Al Hammadi.

Obaid Khalfan Al Ghoul.

- Ras Al Khaimah:

Yousef Abdullah Batran Al Shehhi.

Saeed Rashed Abdullah Al - Abedi.

Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehhi.

- Ajman:

Ahmed Hamad Bushab Al - Suwaidi.

Hind Hamid bin Hindi Alili.

- Umm Al Quwain:

Mohammed Issa Obaid disclosure.

Virgin Hassan Hamid bin Rakad.

- Fujairah:

محمد أحمد محمد اليماحي Free Membership.

Sabreen Hassan Saeed Al Yamahi.

On the sidelines of the vote

- The electoral centers in the country witnessed a positive atmosphere during the voting process in the elections of the Federal National Council, where a large number of citizens took their children to the electoral centers to participate in the atmosphere.The centers provided games and gifts for children, to encourage them to participate in national events, and attend with their families.

- Voters came to the polling stations with their entire families, in a celebration scene that reflects their joy in the electoral process, including some carrying bouquets of flowers during the voting process.

- Citizens outside the electoral commissions expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the voting process, pointing to the absence of waiting queues as a result of the success of the electoral commissions in providing the necessary means for the convenience of voters.

Significant numbers of senior citizens, people of concern and women took part in the elections.

Amal Al-Abdouli was the first female vote to come to the Electoral Center of the Chess Club. She told Emirates Today that her selection of the candidate was based on his long-standing experience in the field, pointing out his active role in supporting the most needy groups, such as low-income people, people of concern and single women.

- Heads of some electoral centers in the country received voters with flowers and chocolates, welcoming them on the last day of voting, and encouraging them to participate in the electoral process.

The electoral commissions launched an initiative to draw the flag of the state of the voters after the completion of voting in the elections, and also made sure to know the views of voters in the process of voting.

- The citizens expressed their happiness with the ease of voting procedures, which ranged between half a minute and two minutes, from entering the electoral center until the selection of their candidates.

- The Committee of the Emirate of Dubai, for the elections of the Federal National Council, witnessed a remarkable turnout during the last hours of the President's day. "The voting procedures were easy and flexible," said Ahmed bin Humaidan, chairman of the committee.

- The National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the extension of the voting period by one hour in the polling stations across the country to allow the largest possible number of voters to cast their votes, after noting their turnout in the last hours of the election day.

- The results of the candidates, all over the country, appeared on the main screens of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), after decoding the code for the electronic system in the main electoral center of the center.

Nora Al Kaabi:

"The success of the electoral process is an indicator of the level of mutual trust between the leadership and the citizen."