Advisor to the Director of NMIC them. Blokhina Vladimir Polyakov noted that conflict situations after the arrival of the new leadership are possible in any institution, but this should not be the reason for mass dismissals.

“The existing team, some ideas, some events that exist, the usual way of life is suddenly violated, and this certainly causes some kind of protest, but this does not mean that we must immediately write letters, in my opinion” - he declared.

The head physician of the cancer center, Aleksey Butenko, in turn, emphasized that this situation "is in a state of solution."

According to him, despite the fact that the hospital buildings are not new, the required conditions for the treatment of patients in them are met.

“We would simply not allow the provision of the treatment process, the conduct of all our treatment measures - the more we treat children, this is still an increased risk category in unsuitable rooms,” the head physician of the NIC Research Center explained to them. Flea.

Earlier, the leadership of the Oncology Center Blokhin signed four out of five applications for dismissal submitted by employees.

Doctors accused the new leadership of the medical facility in the persecution.

The Ministry of Health called the claims of doctors unjustified and regarded their actions as a "flagrant violation of medical ethics."