• Zaragoza After burying him alive, they took money from his checking account and sold his car online
  • Events: Two arrested in Zaragoza for the murder of a Getxo neighbor with whom a woman contacted online

Hedangelin Candy Arrieta Lanzadábal called herself Sweet Angel on Facebook. A pun on his compound name, which he modified as Angelin Candy and an English translation ( candy = candy, candy). He put suggestive photos of him on social networks, along with images of hearts, where he assured that his "love" was called Achraf Elbouti, and that he had a young son.

But of the sweetness that showed in those photos to the real personality that they believe the researchers had there is an abyss. What seems a certainty so far is that she was the bait in social networks to deceive unsuspecting men with sexual claims.

This Saturday she, a 34-year-old Venezuelan, and her partner Achraf, a 35-year-old Moroccan, go to court for burying a man alive in Zaragoza. For the past three days, Civil Guard agents have been collecting evidence and testimony against them.

Remember that the victim was a citizen of Getxo named José Antonio Delgado Fresnedo, 54. He was deceived after contacting the social network of dating Badoo with Hedangelin, who promised to have sex with him if he went to Zaragoza. His family reported on September 9 that he had disappeared, and on Friday 27 his body was found buried in the field.

The investigators of the UCO and the Organic Unit of Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza, in collaboration also with the Ertzaintza, have discovered that the arrested deceived men at least on three occasions with this method of false appointments. The operation has been baptized as Ros.

Civil Guard agents during the searches. CIVIL GUARD

The deception, accompanied by a large dose of violence, ended in illegal detention and theft of all the belongings of the victims. These were abandoned by maniacate and hooded in solitary places around Pedrola, the Maño town where the couple had their residence for some time.

The violence of the couple was "extreme" and they beat the deceived men very brutally. That is why it is believed that in this case José Antonio was beaten in such a way that he may be buried alive when he was killed. The autopsy has shown land in the lungs and a lot of bruises.

Achraf Elboudi, who had been living in Spain for several years, maintained a relationship with Hedangelin for only a few months. In fact, in one of those innocent photos that the detainee uses she is celebrating that they are celebrating a month together, and it is from last July. Another of the photos, precisely the one that illustrates this information, has a date of the same day that the body of his victim was found.

The Moroccan also had several records for drug-related crimes and gender-based violence, while there were no arrests in police records.

After the disappearance of José Antonio there were withdrawals from his account at ATMs, and in the images of the cameras it was observed that a hooded man always took out the cash. That man was Achraf. He seemed obsessed with the horoscope, since his publications on networks show the daily prediction for the Sagittarius.

Another of the inquiries that were made is that the car of the murdered man had been put up for sale on an internet portal, and in fact had been sold a few days ago to a neighbor of Zaragoza, as explained by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard.

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Events After burying him alive, they took money from his checking account and sold his car online

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