The Italian government has declared 13 countries in Africa and Eastern Europe safe countries of origin. This should facilitate deportations of citizens of these countries, as Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Justice Minister Alfredo Bonafede announced. They are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Senegal, Cape Verde Islands, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Out of these countries, about one third of migrants come to Italy. For them now the reversal of the burden of proof, said Bonafede. They are considered to be in principle not entitled to protection and are obliged to leave the country, unless they can prove that they are at risk in their own countries.

Greece wants to set safe third countries

As part of the planned tightening of asylum laws, Greece intends to establish safe third countries for the first time, into which refugees can be deported. A corresponding "comprehensive list" will be presented shortly, said the Deputy Minister for Migration, Giorgos Koumoutsakos, the Süddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday.