Prime Minister Abe's statement of public opinion Full text published Oct. 4: 17:05

Prime Minister Abe gave a speech at the 200th Extraordinary Diet session, which was convened on the 4th. Approximately 5800 characters. After the second Abe administration, the amount is average. All statements of Prime Minister Abe's statement of belief will be published.

I. Introduction

I would like to express my opinion on the second hundredth Diet session.

Under the Constitution of Japan, Japan, which lost everything in the war in 1947, when the first and first parliament was held, was still suffering from the charcoal.

However, the glances of the predecessors gathered in this chamber were only directed to the future. I have always believed in the future of this country, had a lot of discussions under great responsibility, and achieved a powerful recovery. He realized high growth and delivered a peaceful and prosperous Japan to us who live today.

I would like to express my deepest respect to the progress of my ancestors over 70 years.

In May this year, His Majesty the Emperor took the throne. We will make preparations with the Cabinet so that each ceremony can be held while the people are dying without ceremonies such as the ceremonial ceremony of the throne.

Showa, Heisei and Ryowa. For over 70 years, the world has changed completely. As we enter a new era, the speed of change will continue to accelerate.

Even under such circumstances, Japan's peace and prosperity inherited from its predecessors will surely be protected. We will create a hopeful and proud Japan suitable for the new era of peace and hand it over to the next generation. Would you like to fulfill that responsibility together?

200 million active society

(Free education)
The biggest challenge is the rapidly declining birthrate and aging population.

This month, all children between the ages of 3 and 5 have become free of charge for early childhood education and childcare. This is the first major reform in seventy years since the free of regular education in elementary and junior high school nine years. From April of next year, higher education for children who really need it will be free.

Reduce the burden on the child-rearing generation. And all children can work hard toward their dreams regardless of the economic situation of their family. We will create such a society. We will face the declining birthrate that should be called national trouble.

(100 million total active society)
Fifteen years ago, I met one ALS patient.

“You can enjoy life no matter what you look like.”

Developed a guitar that can be played even if the whole body is paralyzed. I also visited the concert, but I am devoted to band activities. He is also involved in the management of the nursing care service business. I have been witnessing this variety of activities for many years.

As a friend, I would like to congratulate you on the election of Mr. Yasuhiko Togo in the first national election.

We want to work together in national affairs to create an age of peace where people with disabilities and intractable illnesses can demonstrate their individuality at work and in the community and play an active role. We are

Now is the time to advance the creation of a new country. We should open up the next era without being bound by previous ideas.

It is a rigorous fact that there were extremely strict prejudice and discrimination among the leprosy patients and their ex-patient families under the institutional entrance policy. We will admit this frankly, and will promptly implement new compensation measures regardless of whether you participate in the lawsuit or not. We will do our best to eradicate discrimination and prejudice.

"Everyone is different, everyone is good"

What is required of Japan in a new era is diversity. It is necessary for everyone to lie side by side and fundamentally review the way social systems are uniform. Recognizing diversity, everyone can make use of their personality. By creating such a society, the big barrier of declining birthrate and aging society should be overcome.

Everyone, young people, the elderly, women and men, people with disabilities and intractable illnesses, and those who have failed once, can fully demonstrate their abilities as much as possible. Would you like to create it?

(All-generation social security)
Social security system that can be relied on according to diverse learning, diverse working styles, and diverse lifestyles toward the completion of a 100 million total active society. The Abe Cabinet will boldly challenge these three reforms.

I want to work beyond the age of 65. 80% want it. The employment of the elderly has increased by 2.5 million in the last six years. Its rich experience and wisdom are a great asset of Japanese society.

We will secure employment opportunities up to the age of seventy for the elderly who are motivated. We will improve medical care and nursing care with an emphasis on prevention so that we can stay healthy forever. In the midst of the absence of regular and non-regular barriers due to the same wage for the same labor, the scope of the Employees' Pension will be expanded to ensure the safety of retirement.

We will steadily advance reforms with an eye on the centennial of life, including social security such as pensions, medical care, nursing care and labor. We will boldly envision a social security system that is suitable for the age of peace and can be relied upon by all generations, from children to the elderly.

Three regional revitalization

(Growth strategy)
In the recent pension finance review, the Abenomics increased the number of supporters by 5 million, and as a result, the income substitution rate for future pension benefits improved. The foundation of a stable social security is a strong economy.

The number of regular employees increased by 1.3 million. The improvement of the employment situation that one or more full-time employees have jobs for one full-time employee has continued for two years.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will expand employment support to people who have difficulty finding employment due to the bursting of the bubble. We will make full use of the motivation, experience, and abilities of the working ice age. By expanding opportunities, we will lead to the next growth of the Japanese economy.

As a result of strong corporate governance reforms after the establishment of the administration, the balance of foreign direct investment in Japanese companies reached a record high for the fifth consecutive year, increasing more than 10 trillion yen.

Amend the Company Law and require all large companies to appoint outside directors. We will capture the vitality of growth from overseas by further enhancing management transparency in line with global standards.

(Agricultural products export)
Recently, Japanese powdered milk is popular in Vietnam and Singapore. Looking to the world opens up even greater possibilities for safe and secure Japanese crops.

Exports of milk and dairy products increased by more than 20% due to economic partnership agreements with TPP and EU. Beef exports to Europe have risen 30%.

Every agricultural product has a chance to flutter around the world. We will further accelerate the export of agricultural, forestry and fishery products that each region is proud of throughout the country. We have enacted the Agricultural Products Export Expansion Law and are working to alleviate import regulations in all countries.

(Creating a disaster-resistant home)
Last year, Fukushima's agricultural exports increased by nearly 40% from before the earthquake, reaching a record high. Exports of peaches to Malaysia and Thailand, where regulations have been eliminated through diplomatic efforts, are doing well.

So far, thirty-two countries and regions have completely eliminated regulations. We will continue to make every effort to dispel reputational damage and accelerate the reconstruction of Tohoku.

Eliminating the vertical divisions of each ministry and agency, sticking to thorough on-site principles, working on the regeneration of Fukushima and the reconstruction of Tohoku under the responsibility and leadership of politics. This will not change even after the period of reconstruction. For this purpose, we will establish a successor organization for the Reconstruction Agency, which will serve as a command tower.

This year, too, natural disasters continued throughout the country due to earthquakes, torrential rains, and record storms. I pray for the souls of those who have died and wish to express my condolences to all those affected by the disaster.

The large-scale blackout caused by Typhoon No. 15 had a tremendous impact on the lives of many people. We will thoroughly verify this response. We will examine measures to accelerate recovery and maintain power infrastructure in the event of a disaster, and take immediate measures.

In addition to supporting recovery and reconstruction with all efforts, we will promote the creation of a disaster-resistant hometown by steadily implementing emergency measures for disaster prevention / reduction and intensive national land for three years.

About swine cholera that continues to occur in various places, we will mobilize all measures, including vaccination, and endeavor to end it as soon as possible.

(Small and small businesses)
The number of foreign tourists to the region has more than quadrupled in the last six years. Tourism is a new vitality in the region. In rural areas, the price of commercial land has risen for the first time in 28 years, and the local economy has been revitalized.

With the rapid spread of cashless payments overseas, 70% of foreign tourists visiting Japan answered that they used more money if they were cashless. By boldly returning points, we will promote cashlessness and expand inbound consumption, which will lead to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country.

We will continue to promote the optimization of subcontract transactions. We will ensure that large companies comply with the new promotion standards based on the actual conditions of subcontracting bullying in recent years.

Cut off the personal guarantee practice that once you fail, you lose everything. When taking over a business, we will take all measures not to take over personal guarantees to the next generation, such as prohibiting double acquisitions from the predecessor and successor.

(Economic first)
The Abe Cabinet will continue to be the top priority for the economy.

We will continue to pay close attention to the impact of the consumption tax hike. In addition to providing free education, by taking sufficient measures such as reducing tax rates, issuing premium gift certificates, and daring tax cuts on cars and homes, we will firmly support domestic consumption, which accounts for the majority of the economy. , We will secure a virtuous cycle of the economy.

We will keep a close watch on the future of the global economy, which is becoming increasingly uncertain, such as trade disputes between the United States and the United States, and the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. When downside risks become apparent, we will take the agile and thorough measures without hesitation and ensure the economic growth trajectory.

(Iv) Diplomacy and security

(Free trade flag bearer)
“Reaffirm our commitment to use all policy tools to protect against downward risks.”

At the Osaka Summit, all G20 countries agreed to work together to achieve sustainable global growth.

With regard to pending trade friction, we were able to clearly confirm the basic principles of free trade, such as freedom, fairness and indiscriminateness, with the leaders.

Japan will continue to expand the economic zone based on free and fair rules to the world as a free trade flag bearer.

Regarding the RCEP, which includes ASEAN, China, India, Australia, etc., proceeding with negotiations to be ambitious, including 21st century economic rules such as intellectual property and electronic commerce, without limiting tariffs I will continue.

A US-Japan trade agreement has been reached. In accordance with the Japan-US joint statement last September, we were able to reach a win-win conclusion on both sides. Even so, we will face the concerns of the remaining farmers and continue to take sufficient measures such as strengthening the production base.

(Diplomacy overlooking the globe)
Based on the Japan-US alliance, Japan will work with countries that share basic values ​​such as the UK, France, Australia, and India to achieve a free and open Indo-Pacific.

We will continue to reduce the burden on Okinawa bases. We will move to Henoko for the full return of Futenma Airfield. Following the Makiminato supply area last year, we are preparing for the partial return of Camp Zukeran scheduled for the end of this year. While keeping close to the hearts of everyone in Okinawa, we will surely produce results one by one.

Regarding the current situation in North Korea, we will work closely with the United States to ensure the safety of our citizens while cooperating with the international community. I am determined to face Chairman Kim Jong-un without any conditions to resolve the most important abduction issue. Based on calm analysis, we will act decisively without missing any opportunities.

Pioneering a new era between Japan and China. By the time the bloom of next year's cherry tree, and welcomed Xi Jinping Jintao as a state guest, not only traffic between the leaders, economic exchange, such as youth exchanges, to expand exchanges at all levels, the Japan-China relations is pushed up to a new stage I will continue.

Joint economic activities in the northern islands began to move. The grave visit by aircraft has been realized for the third consecutive year, and the Nagato consensus is steadily moving forward. Resolve territorial issues and conclude a peace treaty. Based on the 1965 declaration, we will advance negotiations to the next dimension and open up great possibilities for Japan-Russia relations.

Korea is an important neighbor. Based on international law, I would like to ask you to comply with national and national commitments.

(Create rules for a new era)
Marine plastic waste has become a major international issue. At the Osaka Summit, we shared a new vision aimed at zeroing out new pollution by 2050.

The G20 also agreed on a specific implementation framework for achieving this. Japan will continue to support global efforts, including those in emerging countries.

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, digital data is a new source of added value.

In the G20 summit, in which world leaders will participate, including the Trump president and Xi Jinping Jintao, under the WTO of the roof, has launched the "Osaka track". Ensure free distribution of data across borders while ensuring reliability. Adopting these big principles, we will lead the creation of international rules.

Japan will continue to lead the creation of rules for a new era in all fields.

5 Conclusion

“The progress of the proposal is being watched by 12 million people in the United States.”

A hundred years ago, the American Afro American newspaper wrote about Japan's proposal at the Paris Peace Conference. What kind of world will we create after a tragic war that has killed 10 million people? Japan has set up “racial equality” as an ideal for the new era and a new principle with a view to the future.

When Western colonies spread around the world, Japan's proposal was exposed to strong opposition from other countries. However, I never got jealous. In front of the delegations of each country, Nobuaki Makino, the representative of Japan, said stunningly:

“I recognize that this is a difficult situation, but I can't overcome it.”

Japan's great ideals have been the basic principles of the international community, including the International Covenant for Human Rights, for over a century.

It is also time for us, who live in the present, to firmly state the ideals and ideals of this country while looking ahead to the new era of the peaceful future.

We will reform our education, work style, social security, and Japan's social system in general, looking forward to the future without being distracted by the current situation. Won't we all work together to create a new country in the age of decency?

The sign is the Constitution. What kind of country is Japan aiming for in the age of peace? Isn't the Constitution Review Board the place to discuss that ideal? Our parliamentarians will continue to argue over the history of the past 200 times. Are you sure that you will fulfill your responsibility to the people?

Thank you for your attention.