Frankfurt / Main (AP) - The holiday flyer Condor has coped well with the stop booking of its insolvent parent company Thomas Cook claims.

"Thomas Cook was our largest single customer, but stood for less than 20 percent of our seats," said Condor sales director Paul Schwaiger the German Press Agency. There are very good signs that Condor could close the gap that has been created by Thomas Cook tour operators. "The other tour operators have booked additional seats." Condor flight operations have been very stable and reliable over the past few days. You did not have to cancel a single flight.

The airline is currently in the air with the hope for a bridging loan of 380 million euros in the air, which have promised the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Hesse. The approval of the European Union for the project is still pending. The loan should enable the search for a new investor. The British parent company Thomas Cook as well as the German event subsidiary with travel brands such as Neckermann, Ă–ger or Bucher, however, have filed for bankruptcy.

The company defended special offers for single tickets, which are said to have caused the magazine "Der Spiegel" for displeasure with the competition. The pledge was not used to offer dumping prices, a spokeswoman said. It is rather a temporal overlap. "The last price action ran from September 23 to October 3, 2019, one day after the Thomas Cook Group plc filed for bankruptcy. The action had already been recorded in the systems in July and could not be stopped at short notice.

For the coming winter and the following summer season, the bookings have attracted, said Schwaiger. The other organizers would have announced an increased demand. There are also no longer any accounts receivable with Thomas Cook, because flights unlike hotel rooms are usually paid before the service is provided. Condor plans after Schwaiger's words this summer a 2019 unchanged flight plan with 58 machines. Further decisions will only be taken after further negotiations with the customers.

With the organizers as with the individual customers no skepticism to the future ability of the airline is to be felt, said the salesman. In particular, the more than 8,000 associated travel agencies played a decisive role. "The fact that individual organizers, such as DER Touristik, can even imagine a stake in Condor, is the greatest praise for our product."