The government wants to reduce the climate impact and stimulate climate-smart travel. Therefore, the Traffic Analysis Authority is now tasked with submitting proposals on how it can be made mandatory to report the climate impact.

"Believes in Governing Effect"

The idea is that this should apply in connection with the marketing and sale of long journeys by bus, train, flight or ferry.

- You will get an excellent basis for deciding on your travel choices. In this way, you as a consumer or a company can actually see how to reduce their climate footprint, says Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth (S).

How effective will this really be?

- Hard to say, but I believe that with the strong interest that exists today for train travel and for climate smart travel, it will have a controlling effect, says Tomas Eneroth (S).


Minister of Infrastructure: "Hard to say how effective this will be"

The investigation should then be completed

Traffic analysis will provide suggestions on how a climate declaration may be introduced and which companies it should apply to.

On April 30, the investigation will be completed.