Washington (AP) - The crash of a vintage military aircraft in the state of Connecticut at least seven people were killed. Seven others were sometimes seriously injured, as police representative James Rovella on Wednesday evening (local time) told journalists.

Shortly after the accident, the authorities had initially spoken of 14 injured. The crew of the Boeing B-17 bomber had reported problems shortly after taking off from Bradley Airport and was about to land again. The machine crashed onto the runway, slid into a de-icing system and caught fire.

Aboard the historic B-17 aircraft, known as the Flying Fortress, were ten passengers and three crew members. In addition, an airport employee injured in the de-icing system was injured on the ground. Pictures of the accident site showed the wreckage of the B-17 and rising smoke, the fire brigade was with heavy extinguisher in use.

The airport was temporarily closed completely. A team from the NTSB aviation safety authority was there to clarify the cause of the accident. According to the airport administration, the machine belonged to the Collings Foundation, which, among other things, is concerned with the history of aviation and operates several historic aircraft.