The Left Party has previously criticized the government's budget and believes it benefits those who are already doing well.

- Now it is the men from Djursholm who are allowed to share with the assistant nurses, says Ulla Andersson, the party's economic policy spokesperson.

She believes that the party wants to put money on increased equality and wants a more progressive income tax.

- It's a budget for financial security, a welfare to trust and a green transition, says Ulla Andersson.

"Free drugs"

The Left Party's draft budget allocates SEK 2 billion per year for an improved work environment, skills development and improved working conditions in health care. The support for health care in sparsely populated areas receives SEK 1 billion.

The Left Party also wants to raise the guarantee pension by SEK 1,000, which costs SEK 3.6 billion. The guarantee level in the health insurance is increased by SEK 1,100 a month, which costs SEK 2.1 billion.

- We also introduce free medicines to people over 80, says Ulla Andersson.

Investing in climate packages

The party also wants to introduce a dental reform with high cost protection of SEK 2,000 and have a free cultural school.

In addition, the Left Party wants to raise the ceiling in unemployment insurance significantly to SEK 1,400, a venture that costs SEK 2.1 billion.

For smaller groups of children in the preschool, the party invests SEK 2 billion per year in a special staff effort. In addition to welfare initiatives, the Left Party is investing a total of SEK 10 billion in a climate package.