• Stefano Cucchi, the indictment of the PM: "First Kafkaesque process: it was not sloppiness, it was misdirection"
  • Cucchi case, eight carabinieri in trial for alleged misdirections
  • Cucchi process. Experts Gip: without fracture maybe not dead. Ilaria: injury-death correlation
  • Asked the trial for the witness who had the Cucchi case reopened


October 03, 2019 To condemn the carabinieri Alessio Di Bernardo and Raffaele D'Alessandro to 18 years imprisonment on charges of unintentional murder. Absolution instead 'for not having committed the fact' by the same accusation by the murder charge for the military Francesco Tedesco, a defendant who then revealed the beating suffered by Cucchi. These are the requests of the prosecutor Giovanni Musarò at the trial for the death of the Roman surveyor.

He also asked for a sentence of three and a half years for German for the accusation of forgery and for 8 years of imprisonment the Marshal Roberto Mandolini (at the time interim commander of the Appia Station) always for the accusation of forgery, while not owing himself proceeding by prescription from the accusation of slander was requested for the carabiniere Vincenzo Nicolardi and for Francesco Tedesco and Roberto Mandolini.

Pm: "He also covered himself up by making him pass for an HIV positive and drug addict"
"Stefano Cucchi was passed as an HIV-positive and a drug addict at an advanced stage. Nothing was true. Stefano Cucchi was well before the beating, but the country was made to believe, along with accusations against prison officers". Thus the prosecutor Giovanni Musarò, during the indictment in the trial of the five carabinieri in progress in the bunker hall of Rebibbia in front of the first assize court. According to Musarò even so they tried to "cover the truth". Cucchi "at the time of the arrest weighed 43 kilos and was one meter 62 high, was underweight, but it was not a pathological thinness. He was thin because he competed as a featherweight boxer and had to stay under 44 kilos," explains Musarò.

"Very violent beating"
The Pm underlines that it was "a very violent beating in a state of disability defense. Two people attack him. When he was already on the ground, he was kicked in the face, we are talking about this. The minor defense derives from his state of thinness "It is impossible to say that there is no causal link between the beating and death" of the Roman surveyor.