• Chaos waste. Ex Ad Ama, Longoni: "Never managed to speak with Raggi, in 15 days risk of collapse"
  • Chaos refuses to Rome, another Cda from Ama resigns
  • Waste Rome, Order of the Doctors: "Emergency risk, no time to lose"


03 October 2019The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, was left alone on the capital's waste emergency? "It is not so, the documents say, I have the papers signed by all the members of the technical control room". Sergio Costa, Minister of the Environment, says this on the sidelines of a conference at the ministry.

"Every week -10 days we have the technical control room, it was never interrupted even in mid-August - explains the Ministry of the Environment, the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region are seen and it is a fact. There are signed documents. the control room has a technical value: where waste can be conferred, how can one collect, what are the spaces, the need to take them out of the region on which we have concluded the award, me with Abruzzo and the Lazio Region with the Marche. more than 30 thousand tons will go for an intermediate treatment in Abruzzo and in the Marche ".

"The affair Ama does not depend on either the Region or the ministry. I asked for a political director's booth, leaving nobody alone, as soon as the new ad is set up - Costa continues - because we are thinking to define an order that also takes into account of these events and that goes beyond October 15. The story of Rome is at heart to all ".

Hope: "In contact with Rays for verifications" after an alarm launched by the Medici Order
"We need to pay the utmost attention to the waste issue in the capital, we are in contact with the mayor to verify". Thus the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, on the alarm launched yesterday by the Rome Medical Association.