Doha (AFP)

The French athlete Morhad Amdouni, European Champion of the 10,000m and suspected of doping by the German ARD chain, assured AFP Thursday to have "nothing to do with it".

"It's nothing, there is no fact," said Amdouni, while DAR revealed Thursday that suspicions weigh on the French, reporting Whatsapp messages in which a supplier of doping products claims a payment for EPO and growth hormone.

"This report inspires me nothing except that it tries to dishonor me, I have nothing to do with it, it's nothing, there is no fact, I'm someone right, it is unbelievable, "he assured the phone to AFP.

"I know that my performances have created doubts among people," said Corsica, who became European Champion in the 10,000m in August 2018 in Berlin before making a great performance during his first marathon in Paris in April (2 h 09:14), allowing him to achieve the minima for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

"This person (who sent him the Whatsapp message, revealed by ARD) I do not really know her, I only saw her once during a jog, when I received her message I I blocked, "he pleaded.

Planned for the Doha World Marathon on Saturday, he declared a withdrawal on September 20, "because I had an elongation that I dragged since early July," he said.

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