Berlin (AFP)

German public television ARD, which is at the forefront of doping revelations, has a strong suspicion of the 10,000-meter French champions Morhad Amdouni, a World Cup winner, of using banned methods in the last two years.

"ARD's" doping "writing has strong suspicions against Frenchman Morhad Amdouni During one of his investigations, one of the informants was threatened with death" by Amdouni's entourage, "the channel said Thursday on his website , before the broadcast of a report announced in the afternoon.

ARD claims to be in possession of Whatsapp messages in which a seller of doping products - the EPO and growth hormone are cited - claims payment to the French athlete, gold medalist over 10,000 m and bronze over 5,000m at the last European Championships in Berlin in 2018.

The chain also holds a message sent to his informant "by Amdouni's entourage", in which he is implicitly threatened with death for having spoken to journalists.

Citing doping experts, ARD lists a number of "strange" behaviors that she says make the runner a "potential" doped. His isolated training venues, the very small number of competitions he has participated in since 2017, and especially the fact that he left Qatar just before the current World Championships.

Officially, Amdouni gave up the Worlds because of an injury. "The timing is strange, however, the German channel believes.Just before, ARD had made a request for an interview with Amdouni, through the French Federation, to confront suspicion.He knew that the doping drafting of ARD had researched him and his entourage. "

"When ARD's editorial staff tried last week to interview Amdouni at home, he refused to answer," says ARD. The reporters left a 16-question questionnaire in his mailbox in the Paris suburbs. "He answered it only by a brief e-mail in French and German, in which he does not answer any concrete questions.He writes that it is for him + to avoid any false interpretation + and speaks of an "unfounded" statement against him, "ARD says.

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