2 years since shooting shooting Democrat candidate appealed for recapture and gun control tightening October 3rd 12:36

Two years after the shooting in Las Vegas, which was said to be the worst in American history, local Democratic candidates for the presidential election next year criticized the Trump administration who was reluctant to control guns. He appealed to reinforce the gun control by regaining power.

This incident was said to be the worst in American history in Las Vegas, western Nevada, in October when a man shot a gun outward from a hotel room, killed 58 people and injured more than 500 people. The suspect's man committed suicide and his motives could not be elucidated.

To coincide with the fact that it has been two years since the incident, Las Vegas locals hosted the US media MSNBC and gathered opposition Democratic candidates for next year's presidential election to announce measures to prevent gun shootings.

Among them, former Vice President Biden, who is the leader in the approval rate, appealed that the sale of guns with high killing power should be banned, and said, “If you do not drive the current president out of the White House, nothing will change” He criticized the Trump administration who is reluctant to regulate.

In addition, Senator Warren, who has recently gained popularity, said, “There is too much power in the gun industry and lobby groups. We must fight and defeat them,” recapture the administration. Called for more gun control.

In the United States, there have been a series of gun shootings since the Las Vegas incident two years ago, and in the next year's presidential election, the issue of gun control is expected to be one of the issues.