• Crónica.UGT asks the Generalitat to dismiss the deputy director of Lledoners who 'snuck' Risto Mejide
  • Chronicle: Official report demonstrating Lledoners' sneak hole (and denies Risto Mejide)
  • Chronicle: Lledoners and Risto Mejide's 'coladero' skipping the line

A new incident in the Lledoners prison (Barcelona) has once again generated tension in the prison where the independence leaders are serving preventive detention. According to official documents to which EL MUNDO has had access, the Generalitat has opened a disciplinary file to the chief of services of the prison, responsible for its safety and operation. The reason, on paper, is to disobey the order of a superior. On the other hand, the official himself denounces that they want to kick him out of Lledoners due to his attempts to "end the treatment of favor" towards the prisoners of the process, as indicated in a report in which he asks the director of the center for protection.

The official is the same who in 2018 denounced how these inmates were allowed to celebrate the birthday of Jordi Sanchez in prison, without missing the cakes. Since then, he says in his report, the performance of his task is controlled "to the absurd" and two members of the management team - the deputy director of treatment and the manager - look for any excuse to expedite him.

The official reason for the opening of the file is that the official disobeyed a superior, the deputy director of treatment of Lledoners, Gema López . It is the same whose dismissal UGT has claimed for facilitating the entry of television presenter Risto Mejide in an office to interview the defendant Raül Romeva, skipping a security check.

On this occasion, the incident took place on September 12, when a prisoner considered dangerous was going to leave the closed regime department for the first time to participate in a pottery workshop inside the prison. The deputy director then addressed the head of services to ensure that security measures are implemented around this inmate. There is a circumstance that Jordi Cuixart was going to attend that workshop, according to union sources.

'Escort' so that Cuixart "did not touch a hair"

The version at this point does not match. According to the resolution signed by the Catalan Secretary of Criminal Measures, Amand Calderó , the deputy director asked the official that "one of the cameras with permanent visualization" follow the dangerous inmate, which he refused.

Instead, in his report, the official reports that, before the camera option, the deputy director asked him "to send an officer to watch" to the inmate, to which he replied that it did not seem appropriate. "The deputy director wanted a bodyguard to make sure Jordi Cuixart was not going to touch a hair," protests a source of Lledoners who knows the conflict.

The official, who must appear before the inspection services, defends in his letter that the deputy director of treatment lacks competence to give him orders in the matter of security, and regrets that "in 28 years of service" he has developed his functions "in five centers different penitentiaries "and" have never been expedited.

"That two members of the management team express their intention to throw me out of Lledoners using the disciplinary proceedings, because of personal dislike or because I try to end the treatment of favor and inequalities between prisoners, it is not a receipt," the official wrote.

The sources consulted say that the repeated refusal of the head of services to swallow Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Cuixart, Josep Rull, Josep Turull, Raül Romeva, Jordi Sànchez and Joaquim Forn with the privileged treatment is what explains the internal investigation. "They are purging the uncomfortable," they say, before the impending publication of the sentence that presumably will condemn the defendants to prison terms.

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