• Alleged Russian funds to the League: for the Court of Review the seizures to Savoini are legitimate
  • Russian funds, from the phones seized from Savoini, there would be no contacts with Salvini
  • Lega funds, Savoini defense: unusable Metropol audio hotel. Pm: legitimate source of proof


02 October 2019A photo of the piece of paper with the details of the agreement reached between the participants in the meeting that took place at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow on 18 October 2018: this is what the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office found in the cell phones of Gianluca Savoini, Gianluca Meranda and Francesco Vannucci, the three Italians investigated for international corruption in the so-called Russiagate. It is reported by "Repubblica" and "Il Fatto Quotidiano".

In the analysis on the seized mobile phones, a photo was found of a sheet on which the percentages to be divided between the League (4%) and Russian intermediaries (6%) in the sale of a batch of diesel worth one billion are pinned and a half. The photo, which would have been taken by Meranda, was then sent to Savoini and Vannucci. For the deputy prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale and the prosecutors Sergio Spadaro and Gaetano Ruta, writes Repubblica, this is the proof that that morning at the Metropol the agreement was