Saudi Arabia believes it is using the United States against Iran, but the fact of the matter is that Washington is using Saudi Arabia in the region, said Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general Naim Kassem.

In an interview with Al Jazeera later, Qassim said Saudi Arabia had given up the Palestinian cause and was taking all measures to ensure Israel's comfort in the region.

The deputy secretary-general of Lebanon's Hezbollah said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's talk of favoring a political solution with Iran was merely positive statements that were not accompanied by practical measures.

"It is Saudi Arabia that refrains from sitting with Iran to discuss the security of the region," Qasim said.

Qasim said in his interview with Al Jazeera that he is convinced that the aggression against Iran will not be limited or limited, and therefore the entire region will be affected by the proliferation of US bases in the region and the participation of some Arabs in this matter.

Qassim said that when he talks about Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he refers to "arms to serve US and Israeli policies in the region, and the war on Yemen is implemented by the coalition, which includes all these different arms."

"US President Donald Trump is asking for money and making criticisms and objections to the performance of Saudi Arabia when it falls short, and Saudi Arabia today is a tool in the hands of America to confront Iran and not vice versa."

Qasim said that "the UAE role like the Saudi role is bad and negative and wants to occupy part of Yemen, and their ambitions are great in southern Yemen, Aden and its Gulf, which led to the competition of the UAE-Saudi."