• Rome waste, Ama: we are ready, but the plants do not execute the ordinance
  • Waste in Rome. The President of the Zingaretti region: 48 hours at the Ama to clean up Rome
  • Bins in flames in Rome at night. Endless waste emergency
  • Waste in Rome: question and answer between Virginia Raggi and Zingaretti to resolve the emergency


07 July 2019The dispute between the Capitol and the Lazio Region does not stop on the waste emergency that has kept the Capital on its knees for weeks. "Good morning, even today the waste disposal plants of Rida are closed and the trucks cannot unload. I repeat: the ordinance of the Region does not work and still leaves the garbage on the ground. A mockery", writes the mayor of Rome posting on fb another video, after yesterday's, in front of the factory.

"The only gaffe is that of those who make fun of citizens by saying that the plants are open. Behind me there is always the Rida plant. Yesterday I was 20 meters from where I am now. Look at that gate, I was "There. And yesterday as today, the plant is closed. Today as yesterday, Ama cannot dump the waste in this plant because Zingaretti's order is poorly written. Perhaps it will do so tomorrow but only in part, accepting smaller quantities than "I am here and I put my face once again. I don't let myself be intimidated," he concludes.

Lazio waste councilor: Raggi stops boycotting Rome
"While the Ama operators are committed to resolving the garbage emergency of the capital, the Rays, as if it were not the mayor, continues with its mediatic boycott of the ordinance but above all of the capital. In today's video, the mayor was perfectly aware that he would found the Rida facility closed, as, as we explained yesterday, it will comply with the ordinance on Monday, and I would add that today no plant will be able to receive waste from the capital because they have not received information from Ama or from the Municipality about deliveries. useless videos but above all you plant it with this attitude and commit yourself, in respect of the role you play, to solve the waste emergency. Just crazy controversy, let's help Rome ". This was declared by the regional councilor for the waste cycle, Massimiliano Valeriani, who yesterday spoke of a "hoax" by the mayor in front of a plant not included in the order.

And then: "All the plants indicated by the ordinance have given their willingness to receive waste from the capital and from tomorrow they will be able to cover the entire needs of Rome equal to about 2,000 tons of waste per week. An immense effort". The Lazio Region communicates this in a note. The note addresses a "thanks to the territories that, once again, have lent themselves to help the city of Rome and to the operators and management of Ama who are working to resolve the waste emergency and in the last 48 hours have cleaned the majority of the sensitive areas of the Capital. A technical meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon to monitor the progress of the last two days ".