Thousands of farmers are in The Hague to demonstrate. They are fed up with a negative image about farmers. Minister of Agriculture Carola Schouten addressed the demonstrators around 1.30 pm and said that as long as they are ministers, the livestock will not be halved.

Live: Farmers protest on Malieveld in The Hague

Good afternoon, welcome to our live blog. My name is Priscilla Slomp and today I will keep you informed of the latest developments concerning the farmers' protest in The Hague. Do you have photos, additions or questions, send them to

  • Around 10,000 farmers are protesting in The Hague on Tuesday
  • Program on Malieveld has started.
  • In the course of the morning hundreds of tractors were already standing on Malieveld instead of the permitted 75
  • A farmer was arrested for not following instructions from the police. A second farmer was arrested because he was involved in this arrest
  • Busiest morning rush hour ever with 1,136 kilometers of traffic jams

The protest campaign is organized by interest group Agractie. Below you can read why they are going to demonstrate. The views come from

"In recent years, politicians, media and activists have sketched a negative image of farmers. We are not animal traffickers and environmental polluters; we are passionate about our company. The unreliability of the government and authorities is a reason for us to give a negative opinion. The problems the Netherlands don't belong on our plates. "

10 minutes ago

During the minister's speech, apart from a few sounds, it is quiet on the Malieveld.

Schouten: 'As long as I am Minister of Agriculture, the livestock will not be halved' I think that @ TjeerdD66 has seen nicer performances. #peasant rebellion

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12 minutes ago

"Farmers who want to stay farmers and pass on their business to their daughters and sons must be able to continue doing this. I want to help you so that you are ready for the future. You have come here with many and have been heard and seen. What me "keep on doing that!", says Schouten.

14 minutes ago

The minister believes, among other things, that there should be more appreciation for farmers. She also states that as long as she is a minister, there will be no halving of the herd. The farmers respond to this comment with clapping and cheering. "I am proud of you and you can be proud of yourself."

15 minutes ago

"Dear people, this is what an app can cause and it has had an enormous effect. What an enormous turnout. The Netherlands cannot ignore you. You are here to make you heard and I am here to listen to you and a I start with appreciation, which is often lacking, too often.You are often talked about, but I want to talk to you.You take care of our daily food.I see how you work hard every day and From my own experience I know how hard it is to work on a farm and how beautiful this is ", Minister Schouten begins.

21 minutes ago

"We are done with it, Minister Schouten"

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21 minutes ago

Bart Kemp has handed over a usb stick with the demands of the farmers to minister Schouten. She has also received a piece of cheese. She will now address the farmers.

23 minutes ago

Bart Kemp, one of the farmers' spokespersons, is now addressing Minister Schouten.

"We are here with thousands of angry farmers and a large part of the Dutch population supports us. Because what made you a mess of it. You have caused the biggest farmers' protest in history with your policy. The regulations have never been so complicated as now. We are done with it. Do you think it is normal for us to be put away as an environmental polluter and animal abuse trader while we take care of your food? ", says Kemp.

"We want change and connection between citizen and farmer. Balance in the debate. We demand a complete and lasting revitalization of the agricultural sector," he continues.

34 minutes ago

"No farmers, no food." That message is going through here. # farmer protest

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37 minutes ago

The program on the Malieveld has started. The farmers are welcomed.

They respond with clapping and honking.

an hour ago

The MPs are also getting ready for their visit to the Malieveld, says political reporter Edo van der Goot.

MPs, including the chairman, were ready for departure outside, but now receive security instructions from the police for the Malieveld visit. It does not all give a very structured impression. # farmer protest

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an hour ago

Twenty minutes before the official program of the protest begins and the tractors are still entering the Malieveld. # farmer protest

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an hour ago reporter Job van der Plicht spoke with three farmers on the Malieveld.

an hour ago

An impression of the atmosphere

Malieveld loaded with honking tractors

an hour ago

The triangle (mayor, police and OM The Hague) announces that tractors are still arriving at the Malieveld, but that parking is no longer possible there. "We are being guided to a location in the neighborhood. People are also coming in from public transport," said a spokesperson.

As it looks now, the program can start as planned at 1 p.m.

an hour ago

The Malieveld is full of tractors. (Photo: van Bommel)

an hour ago

The official program on the Malieveld will start at 1 p.m. Bart Kemp, spokesperson for Agractie, will kick off with a welcome word.

Minister Carola Schouten will give a response at 1.30 pm, followed by several speeches from interest groups. MPs will also comment on propositions.

From 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. there is time for informal conversations with a snack and drink.

2 hours ago

The children of primary school CNS Ommerkanaal also participate in the protest.

Children ride on toy tractors in protest procession

2 hours ago

A spokesperson for the protest estimates that there are now around four to five hundred tractors on the Malieveld.

2 hours ago

Farmers drive across the beach to protest at Malieveld

2 hours ago

"Despite the fact that the Malieveld is full, tractors are still driving", says reporter Job van der Plicht.

The edges of the Malieveld are also filling up. But the power tractors still don't stop. #Farmers' protest

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2 hours ago

Police: Malieveld is full

"Tractors on the Malieveld can no longer be added. Farmers who are still arriving in The Hague are being referred to the Leidsestraatweg, near the Malieveld, or to the Cars Jeans Stadium," the police report.

2 hours ago

According to reporter Job van der Plicht, the atmosphere on the Malieveld is pleasant and calm. (Photo: Regio15)

2 hours ago

The farmers are certainly creative. They drove via the beach at Scheveningen to the Malieveld, because the roads are closed. (Photo: Regio15)

3 hours ago

Demonstrations are not only being made in The Hague, but also in Hilversum. Dozens of farmers have gone to the Media Park and are protesting in front of the NOS building. They think the media portray the farmers negatively in the reporting.

3 hours ago

Almost all political say they support the # farmers protest. At the same time, those farmers have just come to The Hague to protest against politics. There is of course something wrong.

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3 hours ago

The delay time was 3,142 minutes this morning! The ANWB reports that another busy evening rush is expected.

This morning, at the peak of the # morning rush hour at 8.35 am, there was 1136 km of traffic jams, with a delay time of 3142 minutes. That is 647 kilometers MORE than usual. Partly due to bad weather and collisions, but especially due to the # farmer protest.

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3 hours ago

Update from the municipality of The Hague:

The municipality, in consultation with the triangle (police, justice and mayor) has decided that it is smart to guide the farmers to the Malieveld in connection with "the large influx and safety for everyone". The number of permitted vehicles on the field has therefore been increased.

3 hours ago

The Hague is still locked: # A12 #dicht #boerenprotest

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3 hours ago

An online survey of the Radio 1 program shows that a very large proportion of Dutch people support farmers' actions. More than eleven thousand people cast their votes in two hours. 91 percent of voters say they have a lot of understanding and / or support the farmers

3 hours ago

Timelapse shows how Malieveld fills itself with tractors

3 hours ago

A response from the municipality:

The municipality of The Hague speaks of an "unsafe situation" because a few farmers have been driven through barriers. Mayor Pauline Krikke has convened the triangle (police, justice, mayor) to discuss the situation. "For everyone's safety, it is imperative that the deposits are respected and directions are followed."
The municipality says it is keeping a close eye on progress. "It is in everyone's interest to make this demonstration run smoothly and safely for the rest of the day."

3 hours ago

In addition to various ministers, a number of MPs also visit Malieveld. "The members of parliament go under the guidance of the NCTV (National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security) in a van that way," said Edo van der Goot, political reporter,

One of the MPs is Tjeerd de Groot (D66). On 9 September, he suggested that the Dutch livestock population should be halved on 9 September. For many farmers this was "the last straw".

3 hours ago

The traffic jams have since fallen sharply. Around 10.30 there was 'only' 136 kilometers left, according to the ANWB. The longest traffic jams stand for A44, A12 and A20 in the direction of The Hague.

3 hours ago

While the song 'Think of the farmers' shouts across the Malieveld, all sorts of slogans can be seen on many tractors and trucks. # farmer protest

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4 hours ago

The police have since announced that two farmers have been arrested. One of them drove through the gates, after which the police intervened. Another farmer interfered with the arrest and was subsequently arrested.

4 hours ago

Most farmers carry banners with texts such as: "The size is full, get your nitrogen away from Schiphol", "No geo-whore, appreciate our farmer", "Without a young farmer in this country, go shopping in your basket", said reporter Job van der Plicht.

4 hours ago

Tuesday the municipality gave permission for 75 tractors ...

It seems as if the entire Malieveld is full of tractors. There are already hundreds of them and the maximum of 75 is long gone. # farmer protest

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4 hours ago

View photos made on the Malieveld here.

4 hours ago

There is no end to the Benoordenhoutseweg in The Hague. Tractors everywhere and all of them will soon be driving into Malieveld. #Farmers' protest

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4 hours ago

The police are ready in The Hague to steer everything in the right direction. (Photo: Blok)

4 hours ago

In the meantime so many tractors have passed that there must already be more than 75 on the Malieveld. #Farmers' protest

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4 hours ago

Various ministers, including Carola Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety), have announced that they are going to The Hague.

4 hours ago

The police have closed the entrance to the Malieveld with trucks. The tractors are honking in traffic. # farmer protest

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4 hours ago

Farmers are driving over a fence at Malieveld in The Hague

5 hours ago

The ANWB also reports that the A12 towards The Hague is completely closed between the Prins Clausplein junction and the Malieveld.

In the meantime, traffic jams in the Netherlands are decreasing. At its peak there was 1,136 kilometers at 8:35 am.

5 hours ago

Don't go to The Hague for now. You do not get in (or out).

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5 hours ago

The crush barriers that have been placed on the Malieveld do not stop the farmers ... (Photo: Pro Shots)

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