Russia detained 87 crew members of North Korea

Russian authorities have revealed that 11 North Korean fishing boats have been captured for alleged poaching in Russia's exclusive economic zone in the Sea of ​​Japan, and 87 crew members have been detained. In the Sea of ​​Japan, Russian authorities have recently tightened control of North Korean fishing boats that repeat poaching.

The Russian Federal Security Agency apparently arrested 11 North Korean fishing boats on the suspicion of poaching in Russia's exclusive economic zone in the Sea of ​​Japan from 28 to 30 last month and detained 87 North Korean crew Did. That means more than 4000 squid were found on the fishing boat.

In the vicinity of Kitayamatoko in the Sea of ​​Japan, which is known as a rich fishing ground, the Russian border guards are strengthening the crackdown, saying that North Korean fishing boats are repeatedly fishing against the backdrop of severe food conditions.

That means that more than 40 North Korean fishing boats were seized in the last month alone and more than 700 people were detained.

Last month, when the North Korean fishing boat was captured, four border guards were injured due to the resistance of the crew, and the Russian government protested North Korea through a diplomatic route.