Tuesday, in "Without Rendez-Vous" on Europe 1, the psychoanalyst and sexologist Catherine Blanc addressed the issue of libido and sexual addictions.

Do men have more libido than women? The idea is anyway often widespread. Men would have more desire than women and would want to make love more regularly. On Tuesday, in Sans rendez-vous, Europe's health show 1, the psychoanalyst and sexologist Catherine Blanc, delivered her analysis on the issue while addressing the issue of sexual addiction.

The question of Bernard, 43 years old

Like all men, my libido is very important. I want to make love everyday, and if I could several times a day. In any case, I think about it all the time. How could I stay all my life with a woman since they do not have as much libido as men?

Catherine Blanc's answer

"Having all the time you want to make love means that we leave little space for anything other than sexuality." The human body is driven by desires and impulses, but desire is not just a sexual expression it is also an expression of life that nourishes our creativity, our artistic sense, our professional ambition, our joy of living and communicating with others If sexuality is the only way to communicate with others - or with oneself - even that raises questions.

Do all men really have a higher libido? Is not it just pornography that conveys this idea?

Pornography conveys this idea just like the history of humanity. We have always thought that man is desirous and that woman is not. Women have no reason to be desirous since otherwise they are seen as "sluts". It's something that has been very entrenched for a long time and we have a hard time getting rid of it. So, according to this system of thought, men are always thinking about sexuality and women can see them as potential perverts.

What is sexual addiction?

Being addicted to sex means thinking about the act and doing it all the time. Regularly viewing pornographic films or erotic images on the internet can also be considered as addiction. It is extremely polluting for the individual who needs this emotional "shoot" and excitement. The relationship of the individual with the world is obviously ossified. Addiction is rather the expression of suffering rather than desire.

For addicts, is it necessary to find a partner with the same libido?

It's hard to say because at first the partner will let think that she has the same desires as him because, to attach to each other, we overplay our abilities a little. But, very quickly, it will go out of steam. And then, in general, we get in touch with people who are not like us but who complement us. The one who has a lot of desire often meets the one who, by chance, has a lot less.

An addict man, however, can meet a woman with the same desire, this is called nymphomaniacs. The term is used to describe women who are very sexual and very free. But, in reality, a nymphomaniac is someone who is in the anxiety of existence and who recognizes himself only in the desire shared with the other. It's more an expression of suffering than of sexual freedom. "