In India, more than sixteen hundred people have died as a result of heavy rains and floods since June this year, according to new figures from the Indian government. It would be the heaviest rainy season in 25 years.

In the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the largest number of fatalities occurred. Most people died because of poorly built walls and collapsing buildings, local authorities say.

The rainy season this year is expected to last a month longer than normal and will only end in early October. Normally the monsoon lasts from the beginning of June to September.

Since June it has rained 10 percent more than the average of the last fifty years.

Experts say that India is inadequate when it comes to predicting and preventing floods. This while the risk of flooding in the country has increased in recent decades due to deforestation, neglect of water systems and climate change.

People are walking on September 4 through flooded streets in Mumbai, India's largest city. (Photo: Getty Images)