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Carles Puigdemont responds to Pedro Sánchez that he cannot apply 155 with Parliament dissolved


"My personal opinion is that I can probably activate it, I don't know. But what I know is that you can't do it with the Senate dissolved. The Senate must approve it 155 and it is dissolved.

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"My personal opinion is that I can probably activate it, I don't know. But what I know is that you can't do it with the Senate dissolved. The Senate must approve it 155 and it is dissolved because elections have been called." Carles Puigdemont seems calm. With an eye on political news and another always fixed in the Supreme Court, he repeats again and again the same ideas, in private and in public. And he interprets every novelty, every step, as part of a great plan, a great story, which seeks to "criminalize" independence and lay the groundwork for him and his companions to end up in prison.

Two years ago, when he arrived in Brussels, the Press Club room, a few meters from the European institutions, was bursting, with dozens and dozens of media from all over the world wishing to know what was happening in Catalonia and why its president starred A movie out. This Tuesday, however, just 30 people at the exit and two or three national journalists. Low presence, minimal diffusion and no impact. At least until the sentence.

At noon, Puigdemont and just about 40 people have demonstrated - as they do every Tuesday - claiming what they consider their right to be MEPs. In his name, that of Antoni Comín and that of Oriol Junqueras. In the rain and without being able to do it even in the esplanade in front of the Eurocamara, when an express permit is necessary.

The security services of the chamber had planned on the eve a small demonstration from the Rotunda of Schuman, where the European Commission or the European Council are located, to the seat of Parliament. But before the brief quorum they chose to limit themselves to an act of just 15 minutes.

An assembly of elected offices

The rain, on a very mild day, has further limited attendance. A brief act with some words from an Italian deputy, another Irish and those of the former Catalan president himself. Replicated minutes later by Jordi Cañas , of Citizens, and this time on the stairs of the institution: "What we have seen today is a good metaphor. While Puigdemont gets wet outside, the Democrats are protected in the institutions," said the deputy

Accompanied by nine members of the Council of the Republic, with Comín, Clara Ponsatí or Lluis Llach next to him on the stand, Puigdemont has attacked the Spanish authorities once again on Tuesday.

And he explained how an Assembly of Elected Positions of Catalonia is the body that should take the initiative after reading the Supreme Court's ruling and coordinating and leading the next steps of the process . An assembly that must be constituted, but that would have, according to him, all the legitimacy to be the great voice of the movement. Even as regards possible referendums.

"We do not give instructions to President Torra and the Parliament. We respect what we do say is that it is time to constitute that assembly in which all the representations are built, local governments, people who have passed through the polls, all the legitimacies. And there Obviously, in that space of sovereignty we must make the decisions that compromise each one, "said Puigdemont.

"We don't have to give Torra any road map"

"We have no mandate to call a referendum or elections. The Council of the Republic came here to defend the legitimacy of October 1 and the decision of the people of Catalonia, and their path is that," the former Catalan president continued.

Puigdemont believes that when there is a sentence, which he presumes condemning, a new scenario will open and that new actors will be necessary there. "We respect the responsibilities of each institution. We are not who to give instructions to President Torra and he would not receive them. What happens is that there are places of coordination in all areas of independence," said the rebel defendant, as he defined the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Javier Zaragoza , during the trial process .

"We talked about how to give a unified response to the sentence from different fronts. We don't have to give the president any road map. What we have to see is what to do when the landscape changes," Puigdemont insisted.

The former president has ruled out that he is weighing to go to any country "without extradition treaty" and has assured that if the decision of the Supreme is known in the coming weeks, he will be in Brussels. He has ruled out any link between the nine members of the Republic Defense Committees ( CDR ) arrested on September 23 and any connection with him or his family.

"No relationship, direct or indirect, I do not need people interposed to talk to Torra or whoever. From there the imagination is free," he said. It should be remembered that the investigation indicates that Carles Puigdemont's sister met with some of the detainees. She denied having been a liaison between Quim Torra, her brother and the CDR.

"Everything is part of the construction of a cause to achieve what the Euroorders did not achieve: an extradition," Carles Puigdemont settled.

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