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The emotion did not descend to Rigasa, in the suburbs of Kaduna. During a raid on a house in the Rigasa neighborhood on Thursday night, police in Kaduna discovered more than 300 children and adults locked up and chained in what the media now call "the house of horror." Throughout this weekend, the victims of this self-proclaimed Koranic school in Kaduna have tried to resurface. Some were able to join their family. A significant number of these survivors receive humanitarian aid from the police and Kaduna State.

Some survivors are hospitalized to treat serious physical injuries . Others had to be interned in psychiatric units. And those whose health condition allows are housed in a camp run by the police with the support of the State of Kaduna.

The Nigerian police have registered these survivors. Some minors would come from Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso, and the status of these children remains a concern for the police. She has multiplied calls to reach the parents and relatives of these minors in particular.

In the front line on behalf of the state of Kaduna, Hafsat Baba mobilized his services to help these survivors in emergency. In charge of social development and human rights issues, she plans to identify and monitor all existing schools in Kaduna State.

The Commissioner promises the final closure of all places that do not meet the standards of reception and accommodation and legislation. A firmness shared by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Nigerian leader calls on religious and traditional leaders to collaborate with federal and state agencies. He wants to involve them against the proliferation of places like this house of Rigasa.

Institutions according to the president, whose abuses against children are often known locally, but whose activity remains until then accepted in northern Nigeria.

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