“Such an appointment is exclusively the prerogative of the head of the region. Clarifications about the appropriateness of appointing a particular person are best obtained from the head of the region, ”the Kremlin representative quoted TASS as saying.

As Peskov noted, in this case, the main thing is that “everything is in accordance with the legislation of Russia, so that the appointed head of the city“ has Russian citizenship ”.

“Compliance with Russian laws is the main criterion here,” he stressed.

Peskov also assured that the head of Kalmykia, Batu Khasikov, did not perform any special tasks in eastern Ukraine.

Thus, he answered the question of journalists about what tasks Khasikov performed in Ukraine, if he judges Trapeznikov’s qualities by his previous work.

“The Russian governor did not perform any special tasks in eastern Ukraine. Perhaps he performed other tasks, ”said Peskov.

The agency clarifies that previously the acting head of the Elista administration was elected Dmitry Trapeznikov. Khasikov expressed confidence that Trapeznikov will show the skills of an anti-crisis manager to solve the problems of the city, since he has experience in the most difficult conditions.

On September 21, Batu Hasikov, who won the election, officially took office as head of Kalmykia.

Dmitry Trapeznikov was appointed acting head of the DPR after Alexander Zakharchenko died in an explosion in a cafe in the center of Donetsk on August 31, 2018.

In November 2018, the CEC of the DPR declared Denis Pushilin the elected head of the republic following the election results.