It was at the beginning of August that the 80-year-old man from Malå municipality went on a bike ride. He never came back. On August 3, he was reported missing and Missing people have been searching since then, but have found no trace of the man or the bike.

- Soon snow and winter will come and then we can no longer search, says Tomas Nilsson for Missing people Skellefteå.

Investigates connection with murder in Markaryd

The police are still investigating the incident as a human robbery, but have nothing to go on at the time, says preliminary investigator Johann Kristiansson at the Skellefteå police. Remaining to investigate is the connection to a murdered 70-year-old man in Markaryd.

The 70-year-old's car appeared in Malå municipality just a day after he was reported missing in Markaryd. And a voting card that can be linked to the 70-year-old's family has also been found in the area around Malå.

One of two internationally wanted persons was arrested August 21 in Germany. He is currently being questioned by police in Markaryd.

- They are interviewing this man, especially around the incident in Markaryd. We haven't heard him yet, but he'll be heard about what they did up here, because we know they've been here, ”says Johann Kristiansson at the Skellefteå Police.

Hope for breakthrough

The police are hoping for some kind of breakthrough in the investigation, for example that the 80-year-old is found. If this does not happen, or if nothing new emerges from the interrogation with the suspect in Markaryd, the investigation will most likely be closed down.

- We still don't know if there was a crime. At the moment, it's not so much we have to go on, says Kristiansson.