13 July 2019At least 26 people, including many foreigners, were killed and 56 wounded in a suicide bomb attack and a gun attack yesterday and claimed by Al-Shabaab militants in a hotel in southern Somalia in Chisimaio. - "Twenty-six people were killed in the attack and another fifty-six wounded. Among the victims were foreign citizens, three Kenyans, one Canadian, one English, two Americans and three Tanzanians. There are also two wounded Chinese citizens," the president said regional Ahmed Mohamed Islam at a press conference.

Among the victims, also the activist and journalist, founder of Integration TV, programs on youtube for the Somali communities in English Hodan Nalayeh, and her husband Farid Jama Suleiman with whom she was on vacation, announced a Somali political exponent who survived the 'attack. After the explosion, assailants broke into the hotel and opened fire on guests and staff. The siege that followed, which lasted ten hours, ended with the killing of an as yet unspecified number of assailants, the local police announced this morning.