March 28, 2019
The death toll from an explosion in Mogadishu, probably caused by a car bomb, is 11 dead and 16 injured. Medical sources report it.

The attack took place in the crowded Maka Al-Mukarama street, one of the main roads that cross the Somali capital, an area much frequented by entrepreneurs and tourists. Several cars have been destroyed. Safety sources report.

The explosive-filled car would have been parked in front of a restaurant. The budget, of medical sources, was relaunched by a tweet from Al Arabyia.

The attack was not claimed but at the moment the hypothesis is that it is the work of al Shabaab Islamic terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda.

The death toll and casualties could worsen. This was reported by the Somali agency website Shabelle Media Network, citing the "Aamin" ambulance service, Abdulkair Abdirahman Adan, who warned that there may be other losses.

The restaurant in front of which the bomb was placed was crowded. Witnesses said the explosion destroyed several vehicles including parked cars. The Shabelle website writes