The population of several popular cities around Europe has tired of the large number of tourists who come to visit annually. In Barcelona, ​​where the number of visitors increased from 1.7 million in 1990 to 32 million last year, locals have protested by exposing tourism companies to sabotage, and tourist buses to smoke grants. The reason is that tourists crowd out the locals, says Per J Andersson, editor of the travel magazine Vagabond.

- You want tourism, but you think it has gone too far. The tourists have crowded out the locals. You can't get a seat at La Rambla or the market hall, you can't buy your food. Property and housing prices go up when contractors buy houses to convert them into tourist apartments.

Limits cruise ships

Barcelona has, among other things, imposed fines for overly dressed people in the city. Croatian Dubrovnik, which received a significant increase in tourism after the TV series Game of Thrones was filmed there, has tried to limit the number of tourists by not permitting cruise ships to add there. In addition, only 8,000 visitors a day are allowed to walk inside the walls and see the famous city center.

Another common measure is to limit the opportunities of the locals to rent out their housing to the tourists.

- In Barcelona, ​​boats have prioritized starting and ending their voyage there. Then the tourists stay and stay in hotels and spend a little more money. The least durable are the tourists who come over the day, live on their cruise ship and spend relatively little money in the city.

Per J Andersson believes that a solution to the problem is that we continue to holiday in less popular places and go to something next to it.

- We may continue to travel in the number we do today, but we must change our behavior. We have to fly less and spread out more. A good thing to do is to stay in smaller guesthouses and maybe at people's homes, instead of the big chains, to spread our tourist money.