“Zelensky is now maneuvering and trying to choose some strategy that will be convenient for further dialogue with the West. Focusing on Trump, he is forced to act in his logic. Trump, at a meeting with Zelensky, spoke about the need for cooperation with Russia. It seems to me that the deputy who represents the interests of “Servants of the People” just made this statement to show that Zelensky listened to Trump and will act in the way he was recommended, ”Shatrov explained.

According to the political scientist, the political establishment of Ukraine understands that Europeans will sooner or later begin to build relations with Russia based on pragmatic considerations.

“Ukraine is already destined to be a buffer between the West and Russia - this is the trap that the current Ukrainian government has fallen into. I think that Ukraine wants to gently “jump out” of the confrontation with Russia, but to make it so that others are responsible for it ... The cunning, crafty policy pursued by Zelensky is precisely why it is built in this way, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier, Yasko said that refusing a dialogue with Russia is the wrong decision.

Along with this, she added that the refusal of the Ukrainian side to participate in the autumn session of PACE is a demonstration of the consistent behavior of Ukraine.

In September, the American leader Donald Trump, at a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, noted the progress in relations between Russia and Ukraine and urged to continue in the same spirit.