Massive floods across India More than 100 people died in the last few days Oct. 1: 1:41

In India, the rainy season, called the monsoon, lasts longer than usual, and large floods have occurred in various parts of the country, particularly in the north, and more than 100 people have died in the past few days.

In India, heavy rains have lasted since last week, and massive floods have occurred in various places, mainly in the north.

Of these, Uttar Pradesh in the north and Bihar in the east suffered the most damage, and according to local authorities, at least 113 people died in the last few days due to the collapse of houses and many others were forced to evacuate about it.

In these areas, the wide area of ​​the city is covered with brown and muddy water, and from the local images, you can see how the residents are carrying water to the neck and being rescued by boats. The

Every year in India, the monsoon season begins in June and ends in early September. However, the rainy season lasts about a month longer than usual, and the rainfall has been the highest in the past 25 years. That is a lot.

According to meteorological authorities, heavy rain is expected to continue until early October, calling for caution.