“This week the weather will be extremely unstable. A powerful cyclone is approaching the center of European Russia; its center will be near the capital tomorrow. Warm air masses along the eastern periphery of this cyclone will cause the temperature to rise significantly. Today it is expected to be in the range of +13 ... + 15 ° С. Tomorrow afternoon is expected to be +15 ... + 17 ° C, in the region even up to 18 ° C, ”said the weather forecaster.

According to him, experts forecast the warmest day on October 3, when in the afternoon the temperature reaches +17 ... +19 ° С.

“During all these days, rainy weather with gusty wind will be enough. Since October 4, changes in circulation begin, there will still be cloudy weather with rains and lower temperatures. Already in the afternoon it is forecasted from +10 to +15 ° C. October 5 (expected. - RT ) a further decrease in temperature: day and night only + 5 ° С ... + 10 ° С. Already on October 6 - a noticeable increase in pressure, the cessation of precipitation and a further decrease in temperature, - concluded Wilfand.

Previously, weather forecasters announced a "yellow" level of weather danger in Moscow and the Moscow region due to gusty winds.