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Demonstration of a pro-democracy protester during a protest in Hong Kong on September 29, 2019. REUTERS / Jorge Silva

As China prepares, on October 1, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Communist China, there were still sometimes violent rallies this weekend in Hong Kong. This Monday, September 30, it is high school students who demonstrate. This gathering of high school students is like a last trial run since Tuesday a big anti-China demonstration is expected in the territory.

With our special correspondent in Hong Kong , Vincent Souriau

A " strike against tyranny " is the slogan of high school students who are gathering around an improvised scene in central Hong Kong. They are in uniform. They left their class this morning to join the movement and they have a very structured speech.

They say that Hong Kong was a democratic territory before 1997, before the handover to China, and that if they protest, it is to recover their rights, simply rights that they believe Beijing has been trampling for years.

Protesters beaten

The Hong Kong authorities have rejected accusations of police brutality to denounce - in return - the extreme violence of the protesters. Reuters

Then there is police violence , it is a theme that comes up very often. The images of injured protesters, beaten up by the security forces, have really created a shock, even in rather moderate homes, especially among the youth.

These high school students say it: they do not want to live in a country where the police think they are all powerful. They claim, like most of the people we meet here, a real independent investigation and sanctions against the offending police. It will also be one of the most heard slogans tomorrow, on the street, on the occasion of October 1st.

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