Tomorrow, the early voting phase of the FNC 2019 elections will begin tomorrow, which will run until the third of October in 9 centers distributed in all emirates.The members of the electoral bodies will be able to vote for their candidates in these centers for 9 continuous hours and from 9 am to 6 pm Every day of the early voting period.

The purpose of the early voting process is to allow electorates who wish to vote early to go to the nine early voting centers to select their candidates for the FNC.

On the first day of the early voting (ie on October 1, 2019), a central examination of the database of members of electoral bodies nationwide will be conducted at the main election center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to ensure that they are free from any prior voting. Candidates wishing to be informed of the procedure, attend the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, at 7 am on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

The National Election Commission confirmed that after the completion of the election day and the closure of the nine electoral centers, voters can not vote for their candidates as the identity verification devices are closed, and the voting machines are technically turned off so that they do not read any identity card, and therefore can not be any Votes until they are restarted on the next election day of the early voting period.

The National Election Commission confirmed that the impersonation of others and the use of the identity of others is a crime punishable by law, warning at the same time not to use the voter's identity of another voter during the voting process, explaining that this behavior is a legal violation, according to the executive instructions for the elections of the Federal National Council 2019, as provided Electoral centers with devices to verify the identity of voters.

The Minister of Health and Community Protection, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Elections Commission, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, said that opening the door for early voting aims to achieve the widest participation of members of electoral bodies in the national eligibility, and to give all voters on the lists of electoral bodies the opportunity to cast their votes and practice Their electoral right and duty.

Al Owais praised the efforts of the National Election Commission 2019 and all its committees and Emirates committees, which reflected positively on achieving the readiness of early voting centers and contribute to the completion of all stages of the electoral process according to the best standards to achieve transparency, integrity and accuracy of the electoral process.
His Excellency stressed the full readiness of all electoral centers designated to receive voters from members of the electoral bodies wishing to vote early within the three-day period announced. His Excellency said: "The National Election Commission has allocated 9 centers for early voting distributed in various areas of the country in a way that facilitates Electoral College members wishing to vote early should exercise their electoral right to promote participation in the FNC 2019 elections.

The National Election Commission pointed out that the UAE identity is the document adopted in the early voting processes, noting that the voting processes in the elections of the Federal National Council 2019 will be through the electronic voting system in the early voting centers set by the National Election Commission in each Emirate, provided that the member of the Commission Elections in any emirate may cast their votes at any polling station at the state level, not just in the emirate to which they belong.

Voting is conducted through a number of organizational procedures to ensure that voters cast their ballots correctly, first and foremost to ensure that the name of the person is on the electoral list of the emirate to which he belongs. The identity of the voter shall be verified by the national identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship only, which will be indicated on the electronic voting index.

The nine polling stations available for early voting include the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), the approved voting center for early voting in Abu Dhabi, the Al Ain Convention Center in Al Khabaisi, Al Ain, the Madinat Zayed Wedding Hall in Al Dhafra, the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai and the Sharjah Chess Club. In Sharjah.

The Early Voting Center for the Emirate of Ajman will be located at the University of Ajman building, while in Ras Al Khaimah the approved center will be at the Expo Center.The Etihad Hall will be the authorized voting center for early voting in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain.In Fujairah City, the Early Voting Center will be the Fujairah Exhibition Center.

Chapter V of the Executive Instructions for the FNC 2019 Elections provides in Article 29 that the National Elections Commission shall determine the voting days according to the election schedule to include the days of voting outside the State, the days of early voting and the main election day.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and as the Secretariat of the National Electoral Commission is working with the Electoral Management Committee to organize all aspects of the electoral process for the fourth round of the elections of the Federal National Council 2019.