Beginning today and next Thursday the early voting phase of the elections of the Federal National Council, in nine polling stations nationwide, equipped with the necessary technical and logistical requirements to receive citizens members of electoral bodies, wishing to elect early to choose 20 candidates for membership of the Council, amid the expectations of observers the arrival of voter turnout On early voting to 20% of the total number of members of electoral bodies nationwide.

The "early voting" represents the second stage of the electoral process, following the success of the first phase of voting outside the state, during which 1843 citizens voted in 118 embassies and diplomatic missions of the state around the world.

The National Election Commission announced the completion of all technical and human equipment in 39 electoral centers in preparation for the Presidential Election Day, scheduled for next Saturday, adding that each committee or electoral center will include at least 15 organizational elements of volunteers working in the committees, to ensure the speed and happiness of voters.

The Electoral Management Committee of the National Elections Commission has completed all the final preparations, arrangements and technical and logistical requirements for electronic voting, in cooperation with the Intelligent Systems Committee, in various polling stations in the UAE to receive citizens who are members of electoral bodies wishing to cast their votes in the early voting process. , Which starts today in nine polling stations nationwide, and will continue until next Thursday.

Sources expected that the percentage of voters during the three days of early voting will be between 15% and 20% of the total citizens who are eligible to vote, which numbered 337 thousand and 738 citizens, noting that the percentage of citizens participation in early voting during the previous elections of the Federal National Council, recorded 16.7% of the total number of members of the electoral bodies, which amounted to 224 thousand and 281 citizens.

According to the organizational process within the nine ad hoc voting committees, each committee consists of at least 15 key elements, starting with the chairperson or electoral center, the vice-chairperson, then the voter entry regulator, transactional servants, as well as transactional servants (women). , Then coach on electronic voting, and trained to vote (for women).

The Election Committee also consists of organizers of voter turnout for identity cards, followed by identity card auditors, as well as identity card auditors (for women), then the voter turnout regulator for electronic voting machines, an observer for electronic voting machines, and also monitoring for electronic voting machines (for women). In addition to the observer of the manual voting system, and finally the organizer of the exit of voters from the Commission.

The committee completed the training and training program for the volunteers in the election committees to provide them with the rules and standards of elections and controls, and mechanisms for receiving voters to complete the stages of voting and technical and technical skills related to the electronic voting system.

Early polling stations

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has identified nine polling stations and committees across the UAE to receive voters during the three early voting days, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, including three in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center, Madinat Zayed Wedding Hall, Al Dhafra Area, Al Khabaisi Exhibition Center, Al Ain). In addition, Dubai Trade Center, Ajman University, Al Ittihad Hall in Umm Al Quwain, Expo Center in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah Exhibition Center and Sharjah Chess Club.