Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 30, 2019:

40th calendar week, 273rd day of the year

Still 92 days to the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Jerome, Sophia, Urs, Viktor


2018 - Europe's golf elite dethroned defending champion USA at the 42nd Ryder Cup in France. The Europeans win with 17.5: 10.5 against the US selection for superstar Tiger Woods.

1999 - Günter Grass is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1999 - The SPD politician Hermann Scheer receives the "Alternative Nobel Prize" for his commitment to the worldwide promotion of solar energy.

1989 - Federal Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher announces on the balcony of the German Embassy in Prague that almost 4,000 GDR citizens can leave the Embassy in the Federal Republic.

1966 - The former British protectorate Bechuanaland becomes independent as the Republic of Botswana.

1949 - The US Air Force starts its last airlift flight to Berlin. The British RAF flies for the last time on October 6, 1949 in the western part of the divided city.

1919 - The National Assembly of the Weimar Republic meets for the first session in Berlin. Previously, the meetings had taken place because of the revolutionary situation in the capital of the German Reich in Thuringia Weimar.

1912 - The Balkan states - Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece - declare mobilization of their troops against Turkish sovereignty.

1807 - Heinrich Friedrich Karl from and to the stone is appointed as a leading minister in the Prussian government. He is carrying out fundamental reforms in Prussia.


1981 - Cecelia Ahern (38), Irish writer and playwright («Der Glasmurmelsammler»)

1964 - Monica Bellucci (55), Italian actress («Irreversible», «James Bond 007: Specter»)

1939 - Bata Illic (80), pop singer («Michaela», «Blindfolded»)

1934 - Udo Jürgens, Austrian singer and composer («Merci Chérie», «Greek wine»), d. 2014

1924 - Truman Capote, American writer ("Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Cold-blooded"), died in 1984


2018 - Walter Laqueur, American historian, political advisor and publicist ("The German Youth Movement", "Born in Germany: The Exodus of Jewish Youth after 1933"), b. 1921

2014 - Geraldine Mock, American aviation pioneer, was the first woman to orbit the earth in 1964, describing her flight in the book Three-Eight Charlie, b. 1925