The weekend ends cloudy and wet. In the course of the day the showers get more intense and a thunderstorm can occur locally. It will be a maximum of 17 degrees.

There is a moderate southwest wind all day long that can grow into a fairly strong wind in some parts of the country. On the coastal areas, gusts of wind up to 75 kilometers per hour can be felt.

Only later tonight does the wind diminish slightly, but then the flexibility increases. There is a lot of rain, but the KNMI also warns against thunderstorms.

In the night from Sunday to Monday it stays heavily cloudy and rainy. That weather forecast probably lasts all Monday.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Monday 16 ° 13 ° W 4
Tuesday 17 ° 13 ° ZW 5
Wednesday 13 ° 9 ° NW 5
Thursday 13 ° 9 ° W 4
Friday 14 ° 9 ° ZZW 3