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Supporters of President Macri, on the streets of Buenos Aires, September 28, 2019. REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian

In Argentina, a month away from the general elections, thousands of supporters of President Mauricio Macri gathered on Saturday in Buenos Aires. While Argentina is going through a serious economic crisis, Macri, candidate for re-election, is in a very bad position for the presidential election of 27 October. Nevertheless, some supporters still believe in a possible victory.

With our correspondent in Buenos Aires, Aude Villiers-Moriamé

"If it's all right," "Yes it's possible," say Mauricio Macri's supporters, gathered in the upscale neighborhood of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, where the Argentinian president keeps high levels of popularity.

Daniel Corrales, in his fifties, believes that the Macri government has not had the time to prove itself: " You can not change Argentina deeply in four years. Must wait ! We must hold on, and give him another chance. We need long-term policies. "

Mauricio Macri is at the bottom of the polls. Many Argentineans hold him responsible for the serious economic crisis that has hit the country since last year. The president got a bad score in the simultaneous and mandatory primary elections for all parties on August 11, and got only 33% of the votes against 49% for his rival, the Peronist Alberto Fernández.

Patricia Moscoso, a retired professor, does not expect a good election. " I think it's going to be very difficult to reverse the trend, " she says. But I think we need to show that we are convinced that this government is on the right track to get out of the crisis. "

After an hour of waiting, Mauricio Macri arrives in great pomp on the place where are gathered his followers. Despite the alarming situation of the economy - 55% inflation in one year, one third of the population below the poverty line, unemployment rising sharply - the president is optimistic: " I know that these four years, and especially this past year and a half, have been very difficult. But I want to tell you that soon will come growth, work, salary increases . "

To conclude his election campaign, Mauricio Macri has planned to visit 30 cities across the country, until polling day, October 27.