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In Senegal, former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall was pardoned by President Macky Sall. The decision was announced to everyone's surprise this Sunday evening September 29th.

It is confirmed, it is a decree signed by the President of the Republic.

Text signed this Sunday, September 29 which ended the imprisonment of the former mayor of Dakar, a sentence of 5 years, confirmed on appeal in 2018.

The man had been in prison in Rebeuss since 2017. He will have served almost half of his five-year sentence for fraud on public money.

So this decision is unexpected. Grace had not been requested by Khalifa Sall's lawyers . It is on the initiative of the President of the Republic.

The lawyers that RFI was able to join are happy, but most of all, they welcome this desire for appeasement on the part of the authorities.

Chance of the calendar or not, Macky Sall and Abdoulaye Wade, the former president until then sworn enemy, posted themselves side by side Friday and reconciled.

Proof that the president is reaching out to the opposition. This opposition that had been excluded from the presidential election of February. According to our information, Khalifa Sall's release from prison is imminent.

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