It is reported by the South China Morning Post.

According to the newspaper, the police were forced to use “tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets”.

On September 28, it was reported that demonstrators participating in the riots in Hong Kong began to throw Molotov cocktails at the government complex.

On September 18, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supported Hong Kong activists ’demand for a fully democratic election and thanked them for“ challenging the conscience ”of the Chinese government.

In late August, the PRC government strongly protested the White House and some US congressmen for supporting detainees in Hong Kong. The Chancellery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Hong Kong also accused the US of “criminal activity” in the territory of the Chinese region.

Anti-government protests continue in Hong Kong for more than ten weeks. Authorities announced a decision to withdraw the extradition bill, which led to riots.