The police in the Charlois district of Rotterdam made nine arrests on Saturday evening and seized various "hefty knives" after confrontations between rival youth gangs. There were also a few minors among the detainees, the police reported on Sunday.

Around 11 p.m. the police received the first reports about a fight or stab in Charlois. This involved youth groups that repeatedly sought confrontation with each other.

The police report having prevented an escalation by approaching the incident with many agents. A group of about twenty people wanted to flee by tram. With the help of witnesses and transport company RET, the police managed to find the youngsters.

The police then stopped the tram and let the members of the group get out of the vehicle one by one, reports regional broadcaster RTV Rijnmond . It is not clear why the gangs entered into confrontations.

Rival youth groups (incl. Minors) armed with large knives (!) Were repeatedly confronted with each other in our neighborhood yesterday evening. Prevent escalation, which cost a lot of capacity. With the help of witnesses and #RET 9 arrests, tz performed various facts. ^ PdR

Avatar AuthorPOL_CharloisMoment of places06: 16 - 29 September 2019


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