Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) wants to change the right to report in order to provide information blocks, for example to protect threatened local politicians. "That will change very quickly," said the minister in the report from Berlin the ARD. "It can not be that private addresses of local politicians, but also of those engaged in social networks circulate and are perceived as a threat."

Lambrecht also affirmed that she wanted to tighten up the Network Enforcement Act. Internet platform operators should be required to report acts such as incitement or death threats to the investigative authorities. "I want to introduce such an obligation, and I think that's the right signal to the investigating authorities, but also to those who post that," she said.

The law, passed two years ago, commits Internet platforms to a harder crackdown on hatred, hate speech and terrorist propaganda. Clearly criminal contents must be deleted within 24 hours, on user complaints should react after 48 hours at the latest. In addition, companies must publish a report on their complaints handling every six months.

The Green politicians Konstantin von Notz and Renate Künast criticized in a guest article in the Handelsblatt , the provisions in the Network Enforcement Act were "in many places too unconcrete and sanction mechanisms are not enough." Reporting channels for checking content are difficult to find for users. In addition, there is a lack of a uniform method for deleting content.