Donald Trump, Mike Pence (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)


September 29, 2019The Democrats hope to vote in the Chamber for the impeachment of US President Donald Trump for the end of November. According to rumors reported by CNN, the hope is to be able to get the vote before the day of thanksgiving, which falls on November 28th.

Frustrated Trump, White House staff leader trembles
The chief of staff of the White House trembles. Donald Trump would be frustrated by Mick Mulvaney and his lack of strategy after the publication of the summary of the telephone conversation between the American president and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump's frustration would be so high that in the last few hours he would hold a series of meetings with his counselors and lawyers to find a strategy to respond to the effects of the phone call. Although he is no longer in the chair's favor, Mulvaney at least for the moment does not risk losing his place: Trump is in fact aware that if he were dismissed he would only increase speculation and criticism of the White House.

Trump, 'impeachment is scam, scandalous democrats'
"It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing", or the "impeachment fraud". The American president Donald Trump tweets him, accusing the dems of doing nothing about weapons and infrastructure. "The only ones who don't like my conversation with the new Ukrainian president are those who listen to Adam Schiff," the democratic president of the House Intelligence Committee.

Trump, my economy the best and want to impeach
"How can we proceed with the impeachment of a president who has created the best economy in the history of this country? The conversation with the Ukraine's predecessor to the UN, in which he said he received no pressure, should put an end to this witch hunt ". President Donald Trump tweets him.

Hillary Clinton 'returns', for many ready to stand
Attack Donald Trump as hard as ever in recent years. And he wins American television with a flurry of interviews. Hillary Clinton reappears with a straight leg on the American political scene after the burning defeat of 2016 in the elections, enough to push several observers to question the possibility of Hillary being able to run again.

For now it is just rumors and assumptions, but many wonder if a new challenge between Trump and Clinton is possible by 2020, with the former candidate thirsting for a rematch. For now, however, rumors remain, as the series of interviews scheduled for Hillary Clinton seems to be linked to the promotion of the book written with her daughter Chelsea, which will be released on October 1st and which is dedicated to the brave women who made history.

In an interview with CBS that will be broadcast in the next few hours and some excerpts have been released, Clinton talks about Trump as an "illegitimate president" and precise: the things that happened in the 2016 election campaign "will not be repeated ".

Julian Castro, Trump delivers server phone call Zelensky
The Democratic candidate in the 2020 US elections, Julian Castro, asks the White House to deliver to the Congress the server where transcripts of President Donald Trump's phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyur Zelesnky are kept.

The server, according to rumors, would also contain transcripts of telephone conversations with other leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman. Castro believes that the phone call with Zelensky is "just the tip of the icerberg" of Trump's business with foreign leaders.