Afghan presidential election selection "provisional result announcement around 19th of next month" September 30 6:55

Regarding the Afghanistan presidential election held on the 28th, the officials of the Election Commission have confirmed that the voting has been carried out smoothly overall, and will announce provisional results around next month 19 I made it.

While the anti-government armed forces Taliban declared the obstruction, Afghanistan ’s presidential election held on the 28th had a series of terrorism and attacks in various places, and according to the Ministry of Interior, 9 people have been killed and more than 100 people were injured. I did.

The election campaign is currently underway, and a spokesperson for the Afghan election management committee said on November 29 that NHK interviewed, “On the day of the vote, more than 70,000 security forces and police strictly guarded. As a result, there were fewer terrorism and attacks than expected. Although there were casualties, the entire vote was successful. "

After that, it was revealed that “although there are some delays in the counting work, we will steadily advance the counting work and announce the provisional results around the 19th of next month”.

In this presidential election, while the terrorism and attacks by the Taliban and extremist organization IS = Islamic State are unending, President Gani aiming for re-election with the recovery of security as the main issue and Abdullah Administration Secretary No. 2 If more than one person is running and the majority of votes required for winning is not won, the final two vote will be held.