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The publication of 'Brotopia' in 2018, a book about orgies for millionaires, uncovered a conversation that still kicks off in San Francisco

The gigantic Silicon Valley fraud

Weeks before one of the most anticipated books in Silicon Valley saw the light, Vanity Fair published an advance, from explosive headline, emphasizing excesses, with sex and drug in abundance, in which large names are frequently installed of the technological world in northern California. It was signed by Emily Chang, the author of Brotopia herself , a work that denounces the culture of abuse of power, latent machismo in San Francisco and its surroundings, and the bacchanalia with which its immense fortunes are celebrated by some of the tech gurus.

His research, with interviews with dozens of people, sheds light on a debauchery that some interpret as a kind of sexual liberation in the heat of the second technological boom, and that others label as shameless abuse of women of lower social class in search of a better life . There are simply those who do not swallow the story. Sounds like fantasy.

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More than a year later - the book was published in February 2018 - the opinions division continues. However, Chang, who has become an activist for gender equality in Silicon Valley, describes the scene in great detail. "Once a month, more or less, on a Friday or Saturday night, the Silicon Valley tech class meets for a party full of sex and alcohol, " he writes, exclusive meetings that sometimes happen in a mansion "epic" of San Francisco or Atherton or Hillsborough, two high-capped towns south of the city.

Other times, the Bloomberg journalist says, they all move to a property on the beachfront in Malibu or to a yacht off the coast of Ibiza, " a bacchanal that lasts all weekend . The places change -safe-, but the purpose is the same. "

A whole revolution

In addition to having the pleasure of sleeping with as many women as they please , the purpose is to revolutionize the way of dealing with sexual relations, "changing established traditions and paradigms, in the same way that they do in the technological world they govern." That is why Chang says that many of those attending those parties have open relationships, without any shame , a kind of progressivism and mental openness, of "boldness", nuances, which makes the founders think they can change the world too. In that aspect.

The problem is that the imbalance in these celebrations is monumental. They are men of great power, owners of startups , investors with millionaire portfolios and executives in the front line of fire. "Some of them are the Titans of the Valley, well-known names," explains the author of Brotopia . They, on the other hand, have a very different profile. They are invited to be young, attractive and willing to accept their sexual fantasies , some working in technology in Silicon Valley, but others not, women from Los Angeles and other parts of the country who travel with the aspiration to enter a powerful circle and improve their lives on the fast track. The bad news is that many of them have just become sex toys for organizers and their friends.

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It is a scenario that escapes the common of mortals who live in the Bay area, even those who have lived and worked there for years. "It is difficult to know if it is true, but there has been a lot of talk about the subject," an executive from an investment firm based in Cupertino shares on condition of anonymity with LOC. "From the profile of those who live in this area, I would say that it is more fantasy than reality , that the people of this community are not involved in that kind of activities. And if those parties exist, they certainly have not invited me" He says with humor.

Chang herself corroborates it in her book. "If you are reading this and saying: 'This is not the Silicon Valley that I know of', you may not be an investor, or a rich founder or a woman in technology for about 20 years. And you may not even understand it, in any case". Some men have relationships with a dozen women , what the rich and powerful of big tech classify as the new way of understanding relationships.

The current that prevails

Actually, that presumed liberating dream that Chang describes fits like a glove in a city like San Francisco, cradle of hippies, the sexual liberation of the 60s and the LGBT movement. For something they named it decades ago as "gay mecca", the city where the first bar frequented by homosexuals opened - the Black Cat Bar of 1906 - and the first same-sex marriages were legalized in 2004.

In the old city of radical slopes, it is normal to see naked men sunbathing in the parks, despite the occasional cold and stubborn fog, a perfect testing ground for what is being cooked in social areas noticeably more humble than of the Silicon Valley bonnets. They call it the era of New Intimacy or 2.0 relationships, a kind of polyamory explored through different types of celebrations, some organized in broad daylight.

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What is taken now is organized intimacy, from tantric group sex readings to achieve true ecstasy, to Kinbaku sessions, a Japanese bondage that involves tying another following certain technical and aesthetic principles. Cuddle parties , events designed to establish intimacy through physical contact between strangers in a casual way, or celebrations around cocoa and dance are also booming, as a means to open up to more pleasant sexual relationships.

There are those who seek intimacy without sex, looking into each other's eyes in encounters where they can discover new sensations. Oakland, on the other side of the bay, hosted one of these massive events in 2017, claiming to be the largest in the world in its class. Allyson Darling, a writer based in San Francisco, described it as something "more intimate than an orgy . " He sat in front of six people in shifts of a minute or more and traveled to unexplored places until then. A woman, older than her, made her cry without a word.

Explore new fields

The funny thing is that he came with the healthy intention of having casual sex after a traumatic break and left satisfied, but without having touched a hair. The goal, they say, is to explore new fields devoid of taboos and prejudices. In an ecosystem where everyone is trying to change the world, a new way of understanding sex and love also has a place.

They boast of being clean events, establishing distance from those that Chang denounces in his book. Although Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, confesses to having been at one of those parties for the rich , and that he crossed out what was written by the journalist of pure invention, there is the story of two dozen people interviewed.

But beyond those fiestones of the big tech guys, Chang denounces a culture of machismo and inequality that he aspires to correct from his book. When it comes to sex and everything else, "in Silicon Valley, anyone can change the rules of the game if you're a man. If you're a woman, it's much harder."

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