Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 29, 2019:

39th calendar week, 272nd day of the year

Still 93 days to the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Gabriel, John, Michael, Raphael


2017 - The former SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is elected to the board of the Russian oil company Rosneft. The Russian state holds the majority of shares in Rosneft.

2014 - The Spanish Constitutional Court bans the Catalan regional government until further notice to hold a referendum on independence.

2009 - A magnitude 8.0 earthquake triggers a tsunami off Samoa in the South Pacific and wreaks havoc on the archipelago. At least 184 people die.

2007 - The CSU ends the era of party leader Edmund Stoiber. The congress in Munich elects the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Erwin Huber in a combat vote to his successor. Federal Agriculture Minister Horst Seehofer is subject.

2004 - The asteroid «Toutatis», which measures approximately 4.6 kilometers at its widest point, passes the earth close to the record. The distance is about four times the distance to the moon.

1999 - The CDU politician Peter Müller becomes prime minister in the Saarland. The state parliament in Saarbrücken selects him as the successor to Reinhard Klimmt (SPD).

1979 - Former President Francisco Macias Nguema is executed in Equatorial Guinea. He was overthrown after 11 years of bloody tyranny and arrested on the run.

1954 - The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is founded in Geneva.

1944 - At Marzabotto in Emilia Romagna, German organizations murdered nearly 800 people by October 5, 1944, including numerous women and children.


1959 - Jon Fosse (60), Norwegian writer and playwright («The Name»)

1954 - Mojib Latif (65), German meteorologist and climate researcher

1949 - Toni Mang (70), German motorcycle racer, 42 Grand Prix victories and five world champion titles

1939 - Otto Schneitberger (80), German ice hockey player, 119 times national player, German champion 1962 with the EC Bad Tölz

1919 - Margot Hielscher, German actress («Women are not angels») and singer, d. 2017


2004 - Antje Weisgerber, German actress, («The Double Lotto»), born. 1922

1999 - Johannes Gross, German journalist and author, publisher of the magazine «Impulse» 1980-99, moderator of the «Bonn Round» 1977-84, born. 1932