Taiwan's President Roh Moos vigilance against Chinese intervention in the presidential election September 29, 1:35

Aiming for re-election in the Taiwan presidential election in January next year, President Roh Yong-bun said at the ruling party ’s party meeting, “Intimidation by China ’s armed forces and political intervention will not decrease,” he continues to put pressure on Taiwan. As a strong sense of caution against China.

In Taiwan, a presidential election is scheduled for January next year, with the aim of re-election of the president from the ruling and democratic parties, and the mayor of South Korea in Kaohsiung, South Korea.

The Democratic Party held a party convention at a hotel in Taipei on the 28th, while it was about 100 days to vote.

In this, President Roh said, “This election is not only in Taiwan but also on the other side of the country. Information warfare, intimidation by armed forces, and political intervention will not decrease,” said China. It showed a strong sense of caution.

China is intensifying the pressure on the Roh administration that has not accepted the principle of “one China”, and the advisory body of the Roh ’s advisory body and the National Safety Council And analysis that Hong Kong demonstrations may be protracted.

However, the KMT administration criticizes the Nationalist Party for criticizing that it has the intention of creating an atmosphere that is hostile to China and guiding the election situation in a favorable direction, and the debate for the presidential election is intensifying.