Luanda (AP) - British Prince Harry visited the Angolan capital Luanda on the sixth day of his trip to Africa. There he first met on Saturday the presidential couple João and Ana Dias Lourenço.

Later, the Royal was to visit a hospital with his hosts. At the Maternity Hospital, the First Lady supports a prevention program designed to help expectant mothers with HIV not to pass the HIV virus on to their babies. Despite a low infection rate, HIV in Angola is relatively often transmitted from mothers to their children, according to a press release from the royal family. Afterwards, Harry should travel to Malawi.

Harry (35) and his wife Meghan (38) have been on a ten-day Africa trip since Monday with their young son Archie, which started in the South African capital Cape Town. Harry then flew to Botswana and finally to Angola after the Cape Town prelude, while the rest of his small family stayed in South Africa. After his visit to Malawi, Harry travels to Johannesburg on Monday - back to wife and child.